Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Vancouver WA

Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Vancouver WA
A prenuptial agreement can be beneficial to both parties. Not only does it make provisions in case of a divorce or death before the event occurs, it allows both parties to do so before negative emotions can impact their decision making process. A prenuptial agreement attorney in Vancouver, WA can help you create a prenuptial agreement that is satisfactory for both individuals and properly accounts for assets. With Robert Vukanovich Attorney at Law both parties will receive an agreement that is advantageous, sound, and court approved.

Your prenuptial agreement should be as unique as you are. There is no one right way to draft an agreement, and your prenuptial agreement attorney in Vancouver, WA will ensure both parties are comfortable before their vows are spoken. Laws governing prenuptial agreements require certain criteria be met, these include:

  • Full Asset Disclosure - Both parties are required to fully disclose any assets they may have. A prenuptial agreement attorney in Vancouver, WA can ensure that this is done. Undervaluing assets or failing to fully disclose assets can render a prenuptial agreement null and void.
  • Proper Filing - As with most legal agreements, mistakes can cost dearly. With extensive experience drafting, finalizing, and receiving court approval for prenuptial agreements, we'll make sure that your agreement is accurate to the letter.
  • Provide Proper Representation - It's advisable for both parties to receive independent legal verification of any prenuptial agreement. We can go over any presented agreement to make sure it is fair to both parties. We can also aid in creating an agreement that both parties will be satisfied with and the courts will approve.
  • Fairness - Courts will decline to approve agreements that they deem to be unfair or lopsided. Provisions specifically attempting to control a spouses actions or appearance are not likely to be upheld, as are statements denying child support if a divorce occurs. We can help create a fair, even prenuptial agreement that won't be turned down by the courts.

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

We don't just provide exceptional guidance and skill when designing satisfactory prenuptial agreements. If you need a post-nuptial agreement or marital agreement we can aid in those too. Just because you have already married, it doesn't mean it is too late for legal documentation that will aid both parties in the event of a divorce. It is important to have financial protection, and a prenuptial agreement lawyer can help you maintain it.Call Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Vancouver, Washington

We understand that these can be delicate matters for both parties. We've worked with countless couples to remove anxiety from the process, successfully showing both parties how this can benefit them and create a stronger relationship. Prenuptial agreements alleviate much of the financial burden and stress that come with marriage. Provisions include those for assets, business ownership, elderly care, debt, inheritance, and more. You deserve an enjoyable, stress free marriage. Let an experienced prenuptial agreement lawyer in Vancouver, WA help you plan for the future, so that your present can be all that it should be. Call (360) 993-0389 or contact Robert Vukanovich Attorney at Law today.

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Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Vancouver Washington

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