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Paternity Attorney Vancouver WA
Paternity is an acknowledgement of a paternal relationship between a child and his or her father. When children are born to an unmarried mother, the father may not be entitled to legal rights as a parent. In Washington, if both parents have singed a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form, this stands as sufficient proof of paternity, unless later challenged.  In order to obtain legal rights, a father who is not married to the mother at the time the children were born (and has no legal acknowledgement) must prove his paternity with a paternity affidavit and, likely, a DNA test. This process is difficult to navigate without the assistance of an experienced attorney. Robert Vukanovich Attorney at Law has over 25 years of experience as a paternity attorney in Vancouver, WA.

After submitting a paternity affidavit, filiation proceedings take place. The court reviews the documentation and makes a determination on paternity. Establishing a father's rights can seem overwhelming without the help of a paternity attorney. Not having the right documentation can create a major setback in establishing parental rights.

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DNA testing is a major part of establishing paternity. A DNA test can be taken voluntarily or it can be compelled by the court. While third parties, such as the State, can ask for the court to determine paternity, it is most often the mother, the father, or the child who makes this request. Fathers are often attempting to establish visitation or custody, while mothers are often asking for a determination to seek support. When a man is denying paternity he will likely be asked to take a DNA test to exclude him from legal paternity if he is not the biological father. A father cannot be forced to support a child without DNA proof.

DNA testing is quick, easy, and far more affordable today that it has been in the past. The inside of the cheek is swabbed and tested. The process is painless and offers indisputable evidence.

A man who is married to the mother when children are born is presumed to be the father, even if he is not the biological father. If he calls this into question a DNA test can eliminate his need to support the children if they are not his biological children.

What can a paternity lawyer do for you?

If you are seeking your right to spend time with and have a voice in the lives of your biological children, you want a paternity lawyer on your side. The same is true when support of a child is being sought. A paternity attorney helps ensure your rights are represented.

Paternity Lawyer Vancouver WashingtonHaving a relationship with a caring father is in the best interest of the child or children. Robert Vukanovich has the expertise to protect your rights and aggressively seek visitation or custody when that is what you are seeking. As a family lawyer and paternity attorney in Vancouver, WA, he supports you through divorce, custody, parental rights, and more.

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