Divorce Attorney Camas

Divorce Attorney

Divorce Attorney Camas
Each divorce is unique, requiring its own specific agreement. Robert Vukanovich Attorney at Law offers support for the various types of divorce, from uncontested divorces to contentious disagreements. He works with individuals and, when possible, their partners to find an agreement that satisfies both parties as well as the rights of the children. When it comes to the need for aggressive protection of a client's rights in the court room, Robert delivers. With more than 25 years' experience in family law and as a divorce attorney in Camas, Robert diligently looks our for his clients.

Robert protects his client's rights in regards to spousal support, child custody, asset and debt distribution, and all the other entanglements that come with a divorce.


25 Years of Experience as a Divorce Lawyer Serving Camas

  • Protecting Your Rights – Once a divorce has been settled the terms are very hard to change. There are many options and possible outcomes in a divorce, each with its own weight of impact on the future. Robert keeps you informed of the laws and how they apply to your options. He offers sound advice so you can make decisions that are in your best interest.
  • Avoid Mistakes – Not having all the possible ramifications laid out for you can lead to making decisions you come to regret. Robert makes you aware of the options and the ways they can impact your life in the coming years, including the impact they may have if your circumstances change. Armed with information, you are in the best place to make the right choices for you.
  • Solid Representation – While no lawyer can promise the outcome of a divorce, Robert aggressively protects your rights and launches a strong case if the divorce is decided in court. He and his team diligently research all the pertinent information and go in prepared. Divorce Attorney Camas WA
  • Protect Your Interests – Robert and his dedicated staff put you first. They are educated in every aspect of local and federal law as it relates to the divorce in Washington State. They meticulously protect your assets and your future. 
  • Experienced Negotiations – Not all divorces are head-to-head battles. Many times they can be settled out of court. Nevertheless, a skilled negotiator goes a long way in easing the process and ensuring a fair and favorable outcome.
  • Provide Objectivity – Divorce is emotional. It can be difficult for individuals to handle impartial negotiations in a way that adheres to the law and protects the rights of all involved. Robert is able to see beyond the emotions and helps you view your case from a long-term endpoint. He helps you get through the process without making demands or allowances you may come to regret.
  • Efficiency – Legal proceedings come with specific deadlines and processes. When these are not met, it significantly stalls the process. Having a divorce attorney keeps you on track with those details. It also helps keep negotiations moving between you and your spouse by using a third party rather than direct communication that is more easily derailed by emotional complications.

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