Child Custody Attorney Camas

Child Custody Attorney

Child Custody Camas
Dealing with the legal system to decide on the custody or visitation rights of a beloved child is one of the most emotionally charged situations most people go through. Having an experienced attorney representing your rights and those of the child or children involved is crucial. Robert Vukanovich Attorney at Law offers over 25 years of experience in family law and child custody in Camas. He compassionately listens to clients and works with them to deliver sound advice, skilled negotiation, and aggressive litigation when necessary.

Some common child custody cases we represent include:

  • Child  custody during a divorce
  • Custodybetween non-married parents
  • Grandparent custody and/or visitation
  • Child custody after the death of a parent or guardian
  • Same-sex adoption custody cases
  • Custody involving Child protective services

Trusted Child Custody Attorney in Camas

Child Custody Camas WAChild custody cases are difficult to amend once an agreement has been settled. If you are not adequately advised during the proceedings, you may be lacking important information that will affect you and your child well into the future. Robert helps individuals know their rights and the impact different options can have. Legal custody deals with concerns such as education, medical care, discipline, and religion, while physical custody is only about where a child will live. Robert assists clients with both of these aspects and all the ways it applies to an individual's specific circumstances. 

Robert works with couples going through the process of an uncontested divorce or other amicable custody agreement by informing them of their rights, the rights or the child, and the implications that specific decisions can have. He helps individuals negotiate parenting plans, visitation, child support plans, decision-making rights, and more.

Robert is also a skilled litigator and can fight for your rights in a court room when mutual agreement is not an option. He reviews all the important factors, such as the child's age, competency of the opposing individual(s), and living arrangements to present the best case for your child custody rights.

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